Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we believe you will ask, and the answers we always give. We include them in the Zeal Denver Agreement because we like to avoid surprises (unless it’s a surprise party – those are fun!).

  • How exactly does this Zeal thing work?Open or Close

    (1) For a fee of $125 we come out to your abode for one hour of consulting.

    (2) You show us your empty, messy, half finished or tiered space.

    (3) We discuss what you want to accomplish, your likes, dislikes, lifestyle, sentiments (what has to stay because your Great Aunt Eunice gave it to you), and budget.

    (4) You give us your moolah and we set a day for you to go on vacation to the spa, Tahiti, Uncle Floyd’s Farm–anywhere other than home.  (Sorry, unlike the TV shows we will not be paying for your vacation to Belize or doing it free of labor charges because we are secretly being filmed and paid by HGTV. Oh and the design will not be done in 27 minutes. Dang!)

    (5) You come home, you love it!  We cry, hug, and then you refer us to all your friends!

  • How will I know what you are going to do?Open or Close

    Well, you won’t. You just have to trust us. Think of it as art: we create as we go. So if you ask us to tell you EXACTLY what we will be doing, we will not be able to. However, we always explain our general vision for the space and, most importantly, we build the design around YOUR tastes and desires, not ours.

  • Am I going crazy for handing you this much control?!Open or Close

    You’re not the first to ask that question. We would love for you to take a minute and read reviews from our past clients on Houzz.com, while there check out our projects page for some mighty fine photos of our work.  Hopefully this will show you that you’re not crazy, and neither are we. If you are still unsure about jumping in the pool with us, give us a call. Perhaps we can put your mind to rest with a soothing song or poem.

  • Where does Zeal get all that wonderful stuff?Open or Close

    Depends on your budget.  It could be anywhere from a thrift store to an upscale gallery—it just depends on your desires and your bank account.

  • I love shopping! May I come along?Open or Close

    Sounds fun, doesn’t it? But the truth is, you would not love shopping with us. When it comes to shopping we are more work then play. We power shop! We don’t want you working up that kind of a sweat. Now, there are times that we may ask you to test-run a few pieces we’re eyeballing, But otherwise, we’ll do the down-and-dirty shopping for you. It’s all part of the package.

  • Will you give me an inventory and pricing list?Open or Close

    In a word, no. Design, we’re good at, spreadsheets, not so much. We want to put our time and your money into designing a fabulous space for you to live in rather than creating clutter in your inbox.

  • Will I get receipts for all those treasures?Open or Close

    We keep the receipts for our own business records. But should you really need one for tax purposes we we’ll dig one up for you if you  request it within a week of your completed design.

  • What if I don’t like something you put in my space?Open or Close

    We know you’re going to love your design, but if you find that some lamp or footstool is gonna make you pull your hair out, tell us within 3 days and we’ll come buy it back from you, so that YOU can purchase the item of YOUR choice. If the store where the item was purchased charges a restocking fee you will have to eat that for lunch. Not as good as a street taco but better then hair loss.

  • Can I really afford an interior decorator?Open or Close

    You can’t afford not to have one!  If your space is unorganized and/or unappealing, you are more than likely losing peace, productivity, and personal fulfillment.  Okay, okay, so it sounds sort of dramatic, but it’s 100% true!  Just ask Wikipedia, your hairdresser, or post the question on Facebook.  

  • How long will I have to be out of my house?Open or Close

    That depends on the size and scope of the project. We’ll work together to decide how much time we need to make your project amazing. If you have a mini bar and a hot tub we might need you to stay gone a bit longer.

  • Will you tell me how much my project is going to cost?Open or Close

    Nope. You decide how much you want to spend on your project and we make your money go as far as we can. Not sure what that looks like, watch an episode of, “Love it or List it” or “Fixer Upper” on HGTV and you’ll the gist of it. If you’re shakin in your boots worried that we will take your hard earned cash and not wow you, reach out to our former clients for comfort. They will assure you that we are fabulous at turning your green into a great design. BUT if we feel as if your  budget is to small for your big dreams we will for sure let you know.

  • Which design styles will you not create?Open or Close

    We do it all!  You just might be the first to ask for a particular style, and that is awesome in our opinion. You want a green-bean-themed room? Done!  You want a contemporary, Spanish eclectic room? Done! You want to make up something and give it a name like they do on the design shows?  Go for it!  We will transform your home to match your imagination.

Still have a question ?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. There’s no such thing as a dumb question – this is, in the end, your home we’re talking about!

Email: info@zealdenver.com


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