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Happy clients = happy Zeal team. We live for those “NO WAY!” moments that our clients have when they walk into their newly designed home or business for the first time. The best part is that we have a ton of fun on the job…they may be long 12-14 hour days, but if you’re not having fun while doing it – it’s not worth doing at all.

Our Team

  • Tami - Founder/DesignerOpen or Close
    Tami - Founder/Designer

    Founder of  Zeal Denver, veteran of the 16-hour design work day, and olympic speed talker, Tami brings a combination of energy and near-death design experience to the Zeal Team.  (She makes us all very tired!)  For over two decades, Tami has had a passion for bringing beauty and order into the lives of those who struggle to find serenity within the walls of their homes.  Tami’s creativity has powered her to be a part of designing fun-filled theme parks, hotels, offices and a zillion sanctuary spaces.

  • Tyler - Co-Owner/Project ManagerOpen or Close
    Tyler - Co-Owner/Project Manager

    Tyler’s attention to detail and thorough communication skills make him one of the best designers and project manager’s on the planet.  Perhaps the universe! Not only can he swing a hammer like Thor and paint a wall like Van Gough, he can manage the heck out of your project, Yep, the HECK out of it! Making the pain of remodeling a bit less exasperating. Tyler brings the brains & brawn that will take Zeal Denver to infinity and beyond.

  • Denise - Organization Specialist/DesignerOpen or Close
    Denise - Organization Specialist/Designer

    She looks like Snow White and makes the rest of us whistle while we work. Capable of leaping over couches in a single bound, there’s really nothing she can’t do:  Design–check. Organize–check. Shop–check.  Keep the Zeal Team in line–check. Denise has been with Zeal since it’s conception, investing her passion and creativity into the homes of happy Zeal clients. Though we could live without the whistling, we certainly could not live with out her amazing talent! 

  • Zosia - Operations Manager/DesignerOpen or Close
    Zosia - Operations Manager/Designer

    Operations Manager  isn’t a title that does Zosia’s skill set justice. Maybe we should change it to Zeal Super Hero! She’s the queen of multitasking – able to shop for last minute items with lighting speed, handle client concerns with a dazzling smile, balance a spreadsheet in the press a bottom, all while juggling 4 double shot caramel macchiatos at the SAME TIME! With a great eye for design Zosia just might be the next big HGTV design star!

  • Leslie - DesignerOpen or Close
    Leslie - Designer

    Repurpose, Reclaim, Remarkable! Is what we call Leslie’s passion for being kind to our planet while bringing you amazing design. She once build a sofa out of recycled toilet paper rolls. Ok maybe not… But when given the opportunity Leslie loves using reclaimed items in your design project in creative new way. Her approach to design is so unique that her home in Evergreen was featured on Houzz! Go ahead check it out! You will be dazzled by Leslie’s design brilliance.

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